In his uniquely poetic language and fascinating imagery, Charles Mee presents an exquisite love story that is mesmerizing, and above all painfully honest.
— Ran Xia, Theatre Is Easy


Written by Charles L. Mee



JUNE 7 - JULY 8, 2018


Scenic Design by Edward Pierce | Costume Design by Theresa Squire | Lighting Design by Paul Miller | Sound Design by Christian Frederickson | Prop Design by Addison Heeren | Stage Managed by Nicole Kuker | Assistant Director Jenna Hoffmann


Cast: Michael O’Keefe | Angelina Fiordellisi | Taylor Harvey

...there is something comfortable about this production, starring Angelina Fiordellisi and Michael O’Keefe, that makes it feel in tune with the needs of the present.
— Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

A couple in their sixties meet and fall in love for the first time in their lives. Through the eyes of celebrated playwright Charles L. Mee, First Love embraces Edith and Harold as they work their way toward one another through the accumulated baggage of their lives, wondering if they can avoid sabotaging the last chance for love they'll ever have.

Photos by Monique Carboni