...there is something comfortable about this production, starring Angelina Fiordellisi and Michael O’Keefe, that makes it feel in tune with the needs of the present.
— Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times
“First Love” goes deeper — to the bottom-of-the-soul ugliness of lovers’ worst selves, shown to each other in moments of rage, but also to the tender comfort of simple companionship and the elemental need for affection.
— Laura Collins-Huges

exquisitely constructed, deeply moving
— Ran XIa, Theatre Is Easy

It would be impossible to watch...and not feel some kind of jolt in your own memory. The pain and joy of Edith and Harold’s experience is relatable,absorbing, and often quite funny.
— Grace Treston, Theater Pizzazz

First Love fees like a classic love story with a modernized, mindful edge.
— Diandra Rivera

Kim Weild directs with the necessary allegro tempo and gives the actors plenty of room to find levels of performance and nuance of character.
— David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

Weild crucially conveys (as in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot) the sense of more time passing than we’re actually seeing. Weild also finely balances the tones of absurdism, fantasy and romance.
— Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene

The play is as fanciful as a painting by Magritte. Directed by Mee’s longtime collaborator Kim Weild, First Love is unapologetically idiosyncratic. Weild is completely in tune with Mee’s collage-like style.
— David Gordon, Theatermania