Director Kim Weild, the true star of this production, has taken a page out of Baz Luhrman’s book of directing to give us a visual hurricane of images.
— Theatermania

Nominee - Unique Theatrical Experience

Seven Nominations - 2 Wins

Outstanding Production, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Choreography/Movement, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Lighting Design, Outstanding Video/Projections

director Kim Weild shows a distinct visual elegance in her staging and a capacity to regulate the many moving parts of the nimble 17-person ensemble.
— Mitch Montgomery, Backstage

this sensationally directed multi-media meditation on love will charm, entertain, and fully engage most audience members.
— Barbara and Scott Siegel, Theatermania

The real treat of the production was Kim Weild’s direction, full of gorgeous stage
compositions making full use of the Ohio’s deep playing space.
— Travs D

Fêtes de la Nuit, (or “Celebrations of the Night”) is a moveable feast of vignettes exploring the lives and loves of modern-day Parisians
— Dana Lang, Off Off Online

She’s mastered the art of scene transitions sans blackouts, by way of intricate choreography and precise timing...It’s courageous, erotic and sensual and yet –brilliantly- the charge is never sexual.
— Justin D. Quackenbush, New York Cool

the tango sequences are stunning, as are the movements of a trio of classical Graces — the collage moves with fluid grace.
— Marilyn Stasio, Variety